Friday, August 13, 2010

The Web Engaged... (P vs. NP)

 Almost feel like I should apologize for expending so much attention on a matter the majority of us can't even comprehend, but recognizing the potential significance of any Millennium Problem being solved, I can't help myself!... Even not grasping the mathematics involved, just watching this polymath, collaborative, open-source endeavor unfold on the Web (to validate or refute Deolalikar's 'P vs. NP' paper) is fascinating stuff to behold, and likely treads new ground for similar efforts in the future.

If you haven't already seen them, Scott Aaronson has 2 great posts at his blog on the matter (with boatloads of comments as well):

Moreover, an ongoing wiki is set up specifically for further (varied and serious) discussion here:!%3DNP_paper

I presume RJ Lipton will continue to pass along abbreviated, fairly reader-friendly updates of news on the subject at his blog as well:

....and now, if one of you blokes (in your spare time) could just puhh-leeeze turn in a proof of the Riemann Hypothesis ;-)
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