Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Sharing the Wealth....

We live in an age when the need for critical/logical thinking has never been more vital… and yet (it seems to me) is hardly taught or emphasized in our education system. Perhaps no field of study more greatly nourishes such an ability or objective than mathematics.  In that vein I recently asked on Twitter what organizations and non-profits math people themselves would encourage giving charitable donations to in order to help further foster mathematics and the skills it entails. 

Below are the suggestions, in no particular order, that I received (some of which I was unaware of), and I’m still happy to hear of even more, so feel free to add in comments:

Gathering For Gardner Organization

Julia Robinson Math Foundation

Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM)

Edge For Women

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics


National Association of Mathematicians

American Institute of Mathematics

'Math circles,' active in many areas of the country (check your local area), were cited.

additionally, someone mentioned that there are likely several math-related Patreon accounts taking donations… some are HERE.

Lastly, I was a bit surprised that no one mentioned the Art of Problem Solving group, so I’ll throw it into the mix  as well.

As we head into the year-end charitable-giving season maybe keep such groups in mind right alongside all the more traditional names you'll hear from in your mailbox or otherwise.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

From Pencil & Paper to Zoom... Teaching and the Age of Covid


"There’s a minimalism to teaching and learning math that I’ve always loved. With just a pencil and paper I can become a mathematician. With just one good question I can launch a math class. But now there’s a lot more I have to rely on, and plan for. And it’s all beyond my control."

  -- Patrick Honner