Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Book Re-View...

...For starters, let me assure readers (as many will be happy to hear) that I promise today's first post will contain absolutely no mention at all... of P vs. NP! ;-)

Instead, with so many popular math books appearing in bookstores, I'll take a moment, every month-or-two, to re-mention some of the volumes I've given a positive reference to on the blog recently. Here are some from the last several weeks, in no particular order:

"The Pythagorean Theorem"  by Alfred Posamentier

"The Number Mysteries" by Marcus du Sautoy

"Here's Looking At Euclid" by Alex Bellos

"The Calculus Diaries" (due out soon) by Jennifer Ouelette

"Everything and More" (2003) by David Foster Wallace (I've heard there will be a new revised edition this year in memory of the author who died in 2008)

"101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math" by Marc Lev et. al.

"PopCo" (novel, 2004) by Scarlett Thomas

"Hot X: Algebra Exposed" by Danica McKellar

"The Number Sense" (1997) by Stanislas Dehaene

"Proofiness: The Dark Art of Mathematical Deception" (due out soon) by Charles Seife

(p.s. --- I make no promises whatsoever regarding the content of any second posts I might do later today!)
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