~ The Math-Frolic INTERVIEWS ~

Getting to better know some of math's active communicators and enthusiasts:

1) Pat Ballew of Pat's Blog

2) Presh Talwalkar of Mind Your Decisions

3) Joselle Kehoe of Mathematics Rising

4) John Golden of Math Hombre

5) James Grime of SingingBanana

6) Patrick Honner of MrHonner.com

7) Sol Lederman of Wild About Math  

8) Greg Ross of Futility Closet

9) Keith Devlin, Stanford professor, author, blogger

10) Matthew Watkins, author of "The Mystery of the Prime Numbers"

11) Egan Chernoff of MatthewMaddux Education   

12) Evelyn Lamb of Roots of Unity

13) Clifford Pickover, author, computer scientist, mathematician 

14) Vickie Kearn of Princeton University Press

15) Keith Devlin (again, but NOT on math)

16) Colm Mulcahy professor, author, mathemagician 

17) Shecky Riemann of Math-Frolic and MathTango

18) Noson Yanofsky, computer scientist, author of "The Outer Limits of Reason"

19) James Tanton of "Thinking Mathematics"; teacher, author, lecturer   

20) Cathy O'Neil of Mathbabe blog

21) Alexander Bogomolny of Cut The Knot

22) John Allen Paulos  author, lecturer, math professor

23) Mike Lawler of MikesMathPage

24) Fawn Nguyen  teacher/educator, blogger

25) Jordan Ellenberg  professor, author of How Not To Be Wrong

26) William Poundstone author, columnist, "Rock Breaks Scissors" (among others)

27)  Ben Orlin of "Math With Bad Drawings"

28)  Natalie Wolchover science/physics writer

29)  Samantha Oestreicher of Social Mathematics

30)  Erica Klarreich  math/science journalist

31)  Penelope Maddy  philosopher of math/logic/science

32)  Marianne Freiberger  co-editor of online Plus Magazine

33)  Siobhan Roberts  science writer/author ("Genius At Play")

34)  Mircea Pitici  editor of "The Best Writing on Mathematics" series

35)  Samuel Hansen   mathematics communicator/podcaster/storyteller

36)  Katie Steckles  of  The Aperiodical, Carnival of Math, etc.

37)  Jim Propp of Math Enchantments, professor, blogger

38)  Brian Hayes science writer, blogger at bit-player.org

39)  Donald J. Trumpster ;-)  45th Prez of the U.S.

40)  Grant Sanderson of the 3Blue1Brown YouTube site

41)  Francis Su  professor and past President of MAA

42)  Ed Scheinerman  math professor and author

43)  James Dilts  of "Infinity Plus 1" blog

44)  Gary N. Smith  professor, economist, author

45)  Ben Orlin (again)  teacher/blogger/author of "bad drawings" fame

46)  Robert John  professor of fuzzy logic

47)  Who will be next???

[If you're a math communicator willing to be interviewed, or wish to suggest someone you'd like to see interviewed, please let me know... sheckyr@gmail.com ]

[Of late, I've also been doing tongue-in-cheek "profiles" of various math-related individuals you can check 'em out here:
https://math-frolic.blogspot.com/search/label/profile ]

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