Monday, August 16, 2010

A Sequence Playground... +more P vs. NP

An encyclopedia of mathematical sequences... why not! "Math Trek" blog reports on an AT&T mathematician, Neil Sloane, who has been collecting/cataloguing math sequences for much of his life... to the joy and wonderment of various number-obsessives everywhere. As the post says, "he now has nearly 200,000 number sequences in a searchable online database [the OEIS --- Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences], and his personal obsession has become a treasure for the entire mathematical community":

Meanwhile, RJ Lipton's latest post covering problems with the recent P ≠ NP proof at the one-week point is up:

...It's all Greek to me (and I suspect to most of my readers)... but again, what is fascinating is just how much thoughtful/insightful discussion of the matter has already been generated at just the one-week-old stage! Congratulations to all involved! This is something the Web is ideally suited for.

...and here is Scott Aaronson's attempt (with lots of good additional links) to translate the discussion from Greek to say, Latin, for those of us who have wandered 'into the tent' a bit unprepared:

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