Wednesday, August 11, 2010

P vs. NP Issues...

For those with the cerebral math stamina to follow it, RJ Lipton has been monitoring some of the initial critical issues emerging with the recent P ≠ NP proof (several key mathematicians having doubts that the proof, as given, will stand): 

(...not easy to comprehend, but still in its own way, fascinating stuff.)

...also worth reading, the many (and varied) comments to Mark Chu-Carroll's initial post on the subject:

The proof's author, Deolalikar, is busily working on answers/clarifications to questions raised, and likely there will be much more commentary in the next week. Unless an absolutely fatal flaw is detected early-on, the entire process of examination will no doubt be lengthy. (Since this is well-beyond my pay-grade or IQ :-(, not sure just how closely I'll continue to report on it here, though anything regarding Millennium Problem solutions can be interesting stuff, especially when a lesser-known mathematician is involved).

ADDENDUM: another new update from Lipton HERE.

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