Tuesday, August 10, 2010

'nuther Book Upcoming

Boy, sometimes I wanna start a separate blog (...but I won't) just to more fully cover all the popular math trade books that keep appearing (...given the bad rap math gets from so many students as their most hated school subject, it's a wonder there's such an audience for popularized math writing!).

One of my favorite science writers, Charles Seife, has an upcoming new volume focused on numbers and statistics (especially in politics), "Proofiness: The Dark Art of Mathematical Deception" (gotta love it, for the title alone!). A couple of quickie takes on it here:



(And perhaps I should quickly add that the "proofiness" of which Seife writes has nothing whatsoever to do with the 'proof' which has been under much discussion in math circles over the last 48 hours.)

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