Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Two Good Mid-week Reads

2 longish reads to pass along today....
"For reasons that I don’t fully understand, our mathematical culture encourages us to define our mathematical ability by what we don’t know, what we aren’t able to do, rather than by what we do know and have learned how to do.  The power of culture is strong, with deep roots…"
A thoughtful post (including the above) from AMS blogs, that I suspect everyone can think about:

It's about our self-perception, as math students, of our own abilities, and how that aids or hinders us.

Then, interestingly, the latest post from Keith Devlin reviewing a new math-oriented movie, "A Brilliant Young Mind," that somewhat dovetails the above AMS post (especially see Devlin's "postscript"):

Good reads, and food for thought, if you can set aside a little time....
(also, both posts contain several additional interesting links)

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