Monday, September 7, 2015

Some Fave Math Sites

A bit ago, in reaction to a list compiled at Wired Magazine, I shared a list of my favorite science communication sites. Well, I'm involved with the group over at site (which, if you're not already familiar with, you should get to know) and they are requesting that some of us designate our favorite math sites, so figure I might as well share my current math faves here as well:

Will start with this baker's dozen (in alphabetical order):


CAS Musings

CTK Insights

Devlin's Angle

Error Statistics Philosophy

Gödel's Last Letter and P=NP

Math blog

Math With Bad Drawings

Mike's Math Page

Mind Your Decisions


Roots of Unity

Tanya Khovanova's Math Blog

There are LOTS of primary and secondary math education blogs that are excellent as well, but I don't follow many of them closely enough to include in a personal faves list (but they're out there).

Below are five additional sites whose mathematical content I GREATLY enjoy, BUT hesitate to list as 'favorite math sites' since a high percentage of their postings are not specific to math:

Evolution Blog
Futility Closet


Quanta Magazine


Finally, to round up to 20 picks, I'll throw in two other sites that aren't blogs, but are full of good stuff:

James Tanton

Plus maths

Though a bit short of education blogs and highly-technical sites, the above 20 picks should offer a wide-ranging, varied mix of content for the popular math reader (and at there are 100s more to sample).

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