Friday, September 25, 2015

Overflow Links

Had so many links to use for the potpourri over at MathTango this Friday, decided to move a few over to here for this week:

Latest (126th) "Carnival of Mathematics" from last Friday:

New "Math Teachers At Play" blog carnival posted, as well:

I'll remind folks that Presh Talwalkar also does a weekly wrap up of math picks later on Fridays at his "Mind Your Decisions" blog (usually quite different from my MathTango selections):

...and Crystal Kirch has been doing Sunday linkfests for teachers at her "Flipping With Kirch" blog:  (check 'em out on Sun.)

If there are other regular weekly math linkfests you think worth knowing about, feel free to send them along (via comments or email). I'm happy to publicize other sites that are spreading the math wealth!

...and as always, Mike's Math Page covered a lot of things this week:

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