Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Yesterday, Peter Woit passed along some interesting Riemann Hypothesis links here:

Recommended to everyone is the freely downloadable book (pdf) on RH by Barry Mazur and William Stein. Get it!
==> UGHH, looks like link for download no longer works, so consider yourself lucky if you already got it; otherwise look forward to the book when eventually published. I understand the publisher not wishing free downloads to be available; on-the-other-hand I suspect most of those downloading will eventually want a hard copy of the final version anyway.


Anonymous said...

Link to the book does not work. Here is a link from 2007 (to an earlier version ???) to the book. It even includes a link to Riemann's original manuscript.


"Shecky Riemann" said...

Sorry to see that happen, I think it worked up to about 24 hrs. ago. Anyway look forward to the book when published in final form, and hope several were lucky enough to get the download -- it's an excellent and surprisingly accessible volume on prime numbers and the RH (...but then, it's from Mazur, so you knew that!).