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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Six Chair Puzzle

Since I've just mentioned Martin Gardner (previous post) might as well put up one of his old, simple 'Gotcha' puzzles again (I've re-written it):

6 students make a reservation at their favorite pizza palace, but just as they are about to leave a 7th student decides to join them. When they all arrive, the hostess realizes there are 7 students, yet she has only set up a table with 6 seats. Still, no problem she figures cleverly… She puts the first student in chair #1 and has his girlfriend sit on his lap for the time being, then she seats the third student in chair #2, the fourth student in chair #3, the fifth student in chair #4, and the sixth student in chair #5. Waaa-laaahh! Chair #6 still remains empty, and she asks the first student's girlfriend to now abandon his lap and take the last free seat. EVERYbody's ready for pizza!!… or, NOT!

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