Thursday, September 20, 2012

Devlin Online

If you're not already following along with Keith Devlin's "MOOCTalk" blog I recommmend you do so.  We're lucky to have someone like Keith, who is simultaneously a great math teacher, math communicator, education-devotee, and active blogger, chronicling his first-time experience with a 'Massively Open Online (math) Course." The course (via Stanford) is an introduction to mathematical thinking. (Outline HERE and text for course, here, from Amazon.)

The 'experiment' is just recently underway, and here is what one (of the 35,000 enrollees!) has to say from the early sessions:

Keith realizes well that there are pluses and minuses to online instruction, and watching his experience unfold in more-or-less real-time (and his insights therefrom), ought be fascinating to follow.

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