Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Joy of Strogatz

From Clifford Pickover, to Steven Strogatz, another great math popularizer. The below wonderful article reports on Strogatz (who gained fame and fans with a 15-part series of very popular NY Times columns a couple years back), and his new book "The Joy of X" (which is in part a compendium of those Times' columns):

The second part of this 'Cornell Alumni Magazine' piece is an excerpt on arithmetic, from Strogatz's new book:

Strogatz views math as "an intoxicating way to look at the world," and the article bears further good news:

"This fall, he'll [Strogatz] write more online essays for the Times, this time an eight-week series using multimedia to explore mathematical concepts."

Indubitably, something to look forward to….

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