Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Primes On Parade...

The below visual simulator/producer of prime numbers (which also indicates the factors for any non-prime) has been getting passed around the Web in the last week or so:


It was initially posted on Reddit by its creator "QuantumTunneling" (contact address on the above page is greatgrahambini@gmail.com ):


There are now enough 'visuals' for prime numbers that I didn't pay it much attention at first, but the more I've looked at it the more intriguing it becomes (though still not clear what, if any, deeper significance it has for the pattern or production of prime numbers).

If anyone out there knows more about it or can comment more astutely on it feel free to do so (I've seen various comments around the Web about it, but nothing terribly significant or substantive, or from an expert number theorist). Is it potentially anything more (or less) than a nice visual???


Graham Henry said...

I created numbersimulation.com, and I feel the need to clarify that the underlying principles of the simulation are not in any way new, and are mostly based on the sieve of eratosthenes. The way that these principles are visualized is mostly new, but is logically equivalent to sieveofchaos.com, and jasondavies.com, which are logically equivalent to eachother.

"Shecky Riemann" said...

hi Graham, thanks very much for responding with the clarification. It is a cool visualization!