Thursday, September 20, 2012

MathLove Redux

(Lovebirds via Peter Bekesi/WikimediaCommons)
Time to try a li'l experiment in audience participation (...which may totally flop)!

Not everybody loves math, but everybody loves love, so perhaps it's no surprise that the third most popular post I've ever done at this blog (in terms of  of 'hits' received) was a short one for Valentine's Day last Feb., entitled "MathLove." I'm perfectly willing to try to find more of what the audience likes.

That February post dealt with lovebird bloggers Jennifer Ouellette (English-major-turned-science-enthusiast) and Caltech physicist/husband Sean Carroll. If you have a similar story from your own life, somehow involving mathematics and love, that you don't mind sharing with the world send it along to me ( for possible inclusion on the blog; or if you want to bypass me (and it's not too long) just go ahead and post it in the comments section below! [P.S. - has a limit of 4096 characters for a comment].
Don't y'all be shy now...!

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