Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Categories of Math Twitter Accounts

ICYMI, or aren’t on Twitter, I saw this tweet this morning from @mathonwy:

The 7 Types of Philosophy Twitter Accounts (A Philosophy Twitter Girlfriend's Perspective):

1. Wholesome profs
2. Toxic profs
3. Grad students RPing as dead white men
4. Extremely Online™ grad student memelords
5. "New book" pic posters
6. Crypto-fascist Catholics
7. Stingrays

…it seemed to me this needed to be done for Math Twitter accounts, so I responded with these 7 types: ;)

1. Educators
2. Martin Gardner groupies
3. Prodigies and provocateurs
4. Stand-up comedian wannabes
5. Anal-compulsive Platonists
6. Statisticians obsessed with p-values     
7. Those who spell “color” wrongly as “colour”

...admittedly though, it's hard to stop at just 7.

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