Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The 'Mick Jagger' of Math Talks Education

In his latest "Devlin's Angle" Dr. Devlin speaks articulately on math education, both in terms of his MOOC course (now in its third iteration) and math digital games (specifically his company's Wuzzit game). As always, great thoughts (this time with a focus on the "team" approach necessary in today's digital education world)….

(title for this post, by the way, derives from an analogy Keith makes in the article).

His bottom-line take-home message is, that as great as new technology is, it still requires people, working collaboratively, to 'make it all happen' when it comes to successful education.

...And for ardent Martin Gardner fans, my longish tribute to Gardner and his new autobiography is up over at MathTango:

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