Sunday, October 6, 2013

Math... Used and Abused

1) MathBabe posted this blurb about comments of Andrew Wiles in regards to the "abuse" or misuse of mathematics within the world of high finance (and how it 'tarnishes' "his chosen subject’s reputation"):

…made more interesting because her post comes on the heels of a weekend Twitter back-and-forth involving Ed Frenkel and Keith Devlin versus an individual purporting to be a former NSA employee, about the dangers of 'secret' uses of math by the NSA as alluded to in this Frenkel Slate piece I've linked to previously:

…Call me psychic, but I'm guessing that Keith and Ed may just perhaps have a few more of their emails/tweets/postings monitored in the near term ;-))

2) Meanwhile, statistician William Briggs continues his cantankerous, critical crusade against statistical p-values here:

For other posts of Briggs on p-values see below:

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