Thursday, October 24, 2013

Go Gowers!

This is waaaay (as in leaps-and-bounds) beyond my brainpower, but still I find the latest post from the always-worth-reading Tim Gowers, fascinating… he proposes to utilize a polymathematical (collaborative) approach to test an idea that he thinks (but also doubts) may have some merit, to the P vs. NP Millennium problem. Before even getting to the idea he wants to consider, he spends considerable time on the pros and cons of such a collaborative undertaking. It's a verrry long, and before the end, a very deeeep read, but if you're particularly interested in P vs. NP, or just in the polymath approach to problems, highly recommended:

I'm guessing that RJ Lipton's blog may have some response to Gower's proposal (or maybe he'll just send along a comment to Tim's blog), so if the subject does interest you, might be worth monitoring that as well:

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