Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Talk Mathy To Me! ;-)

2 interviews to pass along today…

Over at mathblogging.org, their latest transcribed interview is with the always interesting mathematical physicist John Baez of Azimuth blog: 


And Sol Lederman now has up his second podcast interview with some fellow named Keith Devlin, who he first interviewed almost a year ago -- guess he's giving this Keith guy another chance to try and get it right this time… ;-))


but… seriously… in it, Keith talks almost exclusively, and extensively, about MOOCs, "massive open online courses" (too late now, but I wish someone had dreamed up a better name for these ventures!) …his experience with them and their future. It's a long (100 mins.!) 2-part interview. Very interesting; very worthwhile stuff. I especially enjoyed the last 30 mins.-or-so where Keith discusses the future of education (and Sol points out that until recently online degrees and education were very much looked down upon, while Keith is predicting a very bright and expansive future ahead for digital education with the MOOC model). Also, at the end Dr. Devlin hints about a new, separate learning project he has underway that will be publicly debuting in about 3 weeks!

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