Friday, January 11, 2013

Read All About 'Em!

Today, just a list of links to Wikipedia for many of the best math popularizers/writers around. I've included Martin Gardner (deceased), but otherwise all others are still alive (at time of posting) and are listed in alphabetical order. Some Wikipedia entries are much more extensive than others:

Arthur Benjamin:
Gregory Chaitin:
John Conway:
Philip J. Davis:
Keith Devlin:
Persi Diaconis:
Martin Gardner:
Tim Gowers: 
George Hart:
Vi Hart:
Reuben Hersh:
Mario Livio:
Eli Maor:
Barry Mazur:
Joseph Mazur: 
Danica McKellar:
John Allen Paulos:
Ivars Peterson:
Clifford Pickover:
Alfred Posamentier:
Rudy Rucker:
Marcus du Sautoy:
Raymond Smullyan:
Ian Stewart:
Steven Strogatz:


Sol said...

Nice list, Shecky. A few of the names I don't know and will have to look them up. Your list reads like a "bucket list" of people I'd like to get to know before I die :)

"Shecky Riemann" said...

Thanks Sol; and if readers can think of more names (who have Wikipedia pages) that deserve to be listed, let me know and I'll consider adding them (there are several I already considered but chose not to include).

Sol Lederman said...

You might want to mine these websites: