Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Reading

just passing along a few things from the last week:

1) A nice little introduction to Cantor, for any who need it, from Curious Wavefunction over at Scientific American:

2) Another bit of interesting Ramanujan biography here:

3) For educators especially, Dan Meyer brings up a discussion of 'pattern matching' as it may apply to Khan Academy (this relates back to the subject of Benny's Rules which I've written about previously):

(be sure to read the comments as well)

4) and lastly, for sheer entertainment (more chemistry than math, but really general scientific literacy), this Wikipedia page came across my Twitter feed, originally I think from Alexander Bogomolny, on the "dihydrogen monoxide hoax": 

(be sure to read the "Public Efforts..." section... and weep)

accompanying photo here:


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