Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Blogger's Book...

Several bloggers in recent years have turned their blogs into book forms, sometimes quite successfully. So it is exciting to see that Mark Chu-Carroll, author of one of the longest-running math blogs ("Good Math Bad Math"), a blog with... shall we say, a bit of 'attitude' to it... has announced the availability of a book based on the blog's content. It is entitled simply, "Good Math," and he outlines the contents as follows:

1) Numbers: some basic number theory, what numbers mean, how they're constructed
2) Funny numbers: a collection of strange but interesting numbers: 0, e, i, ...
3) Writing Numbers: Roman numerals, Egyptian fractions, continued fractions, ...
4) Logic: first order predicate logic, proofs, temporal logic, and prolog
5) Set theory
6) Computation and computing machines

I haven't seen the book myself, but Mark writes, it "should be a lot of fun for mathematically curious folks to read," and from my familiarity with his blog posts I would expect it to be quite good. His announcement is here:

...and the page for purchase is here: 

...As long as I'm mentioning books, I'll note the two new books I am currently reading: "The King of Infinite Space: Euclid and His Elements" from David Berlinski and "Naked Statistics" by Charles Wheelan. I'll eventually say more about them, and my guess is that I'll end up only able to recommend the first book to a sliver of the mathematical community, while recommending the latter to a wider, more general audience.

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