Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Longreads

While I'm working on interviews other things have a way of building up... so another list of links to pick-and-choose from today:

1) Long but GREAT presentation of 'simple groups' by Richard Elwes (from a few years back) that I've been meaning to pass along:

2) Nice small collection of classic "counterintuitive conundrums" here:

3) Interesting, recent long read on "insanely long proofs" from John Baez:

4) And if you're not too phobic of philosophical (and perhaps computational) discussion you may enjoy this longish post on the "many worlds" interpretation of mathematics:

5) On the more practical side, a list of resources for math teachers, of possible interest (but I haven't checked them out thoroughly myself):

6) And lastly, some quickie visual entertainment... I don't often link to optical illusions, because there are just TOO MANY good ones on the Web, but I hadn't seen this simple, effective one before, so passing it along:

....late Mon. or early Tues. I'll have interview #5 up-and-running, and it's from someone I was especially delighted to have take part!... but I'll hold you in suspense 'til then! ;-)
[The tab below the blog header above, btw, will take you to an ongoing list of all the interviews conducted.]

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