Saturday, October 6, 2012

Am I, Talkin' To YOU… perhaps

(image via Wikimedia)

I've been a fan of Sol Lederman's series of podcast interviews with people who are "inspired by math" over at his "Wild About Math" blog for awhile now.  In the past, I've done some transcribed interviews with folks myself, and always found that fun and interesting, so taking a cue from Sol, thought I'd try it here at Math-frolic.
 I've asked one person to take part already, but am drawing up a list of other individuals I might be interested in interviewing... math bloggers or others with some sort of math presence on the Web (...I simply send out a set of questions to which the individual responds via email).

If you'd be interested in an interview (hey, its free publicity!), or, know someone you'd like to see interviewed, drop me a line and let me know ( Otherwise I'm slowly drawing up my own list of prospective victims ;-)… so, if you're reading this, you just might hear from me soon.
I suspect folks I contact won't be on Sol's list, but if you have been contacted by Sol don't respond to any inquiry from me for now (don't wish to overlap his work).

There are so many math sites/blogs I don't follow on a regular basis, or even know of... don't be too modest to contact me to tell me about your website. If you're actively trying to promote mathematics to the public, lay people, or students then I may be interested in helping promote what you're doing (primarily interested in personal, not commercial, webpages). The underlying goal is just to let math-lovers on the Web get to know their fellow math-lovers a little better!

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Sol Lederman said...

Great idea. Yeah, I owe you my interview responses.