Saturday, October 27, 2012

Keith Devlin Wrapping Up

"For sure I’ll offer another version of this course next year, with changes based on the huge amounts of data you get with a global online class of 64,000 students. Despite the enormous effort in designing, preparing, and running such a massive enterprise, there are three very good reasons to pursue this…
"...there is a huge, overall, feel-good factor for those of us involved, knowing that we can help to provide life-changing opportunities for people around the world who would otherwise have no access to quality higher education." --Keith Devlin
Keith Devlin has begun writing his wrap-up to his 5-week MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), "Introduction To Mathematical Thinking," offered through Stanford University. Fascinating, insightful reading… and a must for anyone interested in the future of education and online learning.

He touches upon research opportunities, the "feel-good factor," trolls, and grade obsession, among initial topics he's addressing, with more to follow.
The lecture hall is now the world.

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