Monday, October 15, 2012

"Calculus of Love"

So many interesting things showing up in my feeds these days! :-)

...just learned of this short (14-min.) award-winning film called "The Calculus of Love" freely available on the Web:

It's a tad overwrought and perhaps too predictable for my taste (...but then it ain't easy to fit a complete plot and storyline into 14 minutes, so I want to cut it some slack!)
I think many of you will enjoy it, if you've not seen it...

--> ADDENDUM: a new, brief interview with Dan Clifton, the film's director, has been posted here:

On a side note I want to genuinely thank those who've consented to be interviewed here... thought maybe around 10-20% of those asked would be willing to do it, but so far only a couple of folks have been unable to reply, so am already a little backlogged with responses! Everyone has their own individual story to tell, and I love learning more about other "mathy" people. (Eventually, will have permament links to all the interviews in the right-hand column).
 Thanks again for the response, and keep any recommendations (for further interviewees) coming.

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