Sunday, March 17, 2019

Followup Videos...

Last Monday I posted several videos, and now a couple of followups to those, worth mentioning. Jim Simons’ second delightful 90-min. discussion at MIT, this time on finance (the first specifically on mathematics), is now up:

I assume the third meeting with the remarkable Simons, on his philanthropic activity, will be up within a few days [it is now up HERE ]. There are also many more (usually shorter) interviews with Simons on YouTube:

For any who don’t already know, Jim is THE Simons (with his wife) behind the Simons Foundation which brings us the excellent Quanta Magazine among other public offerings. Learn more about it here.

…In another followup, this time to Andrew Booker’s finding of a solution to the sum of 3 cubes equalling 33, Numberphile posted this timely piece:

...and finally, Michael Harris has provided links to what look to be wonderful videos from last year's Celebration of Barry Mazur Conference:

While filling out your brackets try to find time to watch some of these!

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