Sunday, August 26, 2018

PLEASE Contribute… All-star Linkfest!

 ==> UPDATE (9/10):  Barring problems, the final linkfest should post on Monday morning 9/17 (if, if, IF I have electricity at that point), so please get your contributions to me by then.
==> UPDATE (9/1): really enjoy seeing the range/variety of selections coming in thus far, so do keep on submitting! Am low on selections from females (though I don’t expect their picks to differ significantly from those of males) and few statistics-leaning picks yet…

Part of the fun/satisfaction from The Aperiodical’s recent Big Internet Math Off contest was not only the great posts entered, but the fabulous pieces they in turn linked to.

I’d love to see such a linkfest continue, so am hereby soliciting math bloggers/communicators/enthusiasts to send me ONE specific awesome mathy link that they think readers would enjoy, and may not be familiar with, or, have forgotten and is worth re-visiting. It could be a blogpost, a Wikipedia page or other website, magazine/journal article, or something from Google+ or Facebook, a classroom exercise, puzzle, or… or… or whatever you think math fans will enjoy/learn from.

The pieces ought relate to mathematics in some way, and NOT be your own work, but otherwise I have few criteria; could be long or short, simple or somewhat technical, very old or brand-spanking new; low-level math or higher level; rich and thoughtful or fun and recreational; I only ask that they be interesting, enriching, or inspiring in some way for readers. And while I only want ONE selection apiece, I realize some may find it impossible to cite just one, so promise not to spank anyone for sending along more than one.

Soon I’ll be sending out emails to a few dozen specific math folks asking for selections, but ANYone please feel free to contribute a suggestion now (whether I contact you or not) -- the more the merrier; drop me a URL reference at (or if I follow you on Twitter you could DM me there, or even just drop it here in the comments).
[...would like to have enough within a month to work with]

Eventually I want to present them, perhaps in a Carnival-like format, in a post of  ‘All-star links’ that could make for great reading.

Just as an example, to get the ball rolling, here's a longish 2015 math education post from Lior Pachter that I've always loved (and am surprised it only drew 12 comments):

[ADDENDUM:  I ought make clear that it's also OK to cite a favorite math video or podcast episode -- there are just so many great ones to choose from!]

ADDENDUM2:  I tried making this simple by requesting just one link, but in retrospect (and seeing most initial responders send along multiple links) I realize narrowing down to a single pick can actually be very hard, so feel free to send more than one selection… but don’t go crazy with it ;)

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