Monday, December 12, 2016

A Look Back on 2016 Blogging

A quick end-of-year retrospective of some posts I had fun doing this year (more are from MathTango than Math-Frolic), in no particular order. Almost none have significant math in them, but rather touch on related subject matter:

1)  A bit here on Paul Erdös and the FBI:
2)  Short post on mathematician and hedge-fund founder Jim Simons:
3)  Touching upon inference and critical thinking:
4)  I had fun awarding ’Sheckies’ to some favorite web sites:
5)  My ‘past’ with Kurt Gödel:
6)  The Raymond Smullyan puzzle I re-run every year, because I like it, even if readers don’t!:
7)  A few things about self-reference, in anticipation of James Propp writing a deeper piece on the subject:
8)  A tribute to Alan Sokal:
9)  A basic, old Keith Devlin volume that I stumbled upon and loved reading:
10)  Finally, I always enjoy the interviews I get to do, and this year, not counting the Donald Trumpster one, there were 5 6 (with Mircea Pitici, Samuel Hansen, Katie Steckles, Jim Propp, and Brian Hayes, ADDENDUM: Grant Sanderson now squeezed in before year-end) the links to which can be found at the main interview page:

Hope you enjoy some of these if you missed them the first go-around.

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