Friday, December 30, 2016


On Wednesday I mentioned a couple of tangential-mathematical matters recurring in my mind lately. Today some completely non-mathematical nostalgia I’m reminded of as, prior to even stumbling into the White House, CrookedDonald continues to commit potentially impeachable offenses.
In olden days I enjoyed some political fiction, and two of the best pieces in that genre from the 1960s were, “Seven Days In May” by Fletcher Knebel and Charles Bailey II (made into a major movie, screenplay by Rod Serling), and “Night of Camp David” a solo effort by Knebel.
The first was a thrilling novel about an attempted military coup of the U.S. Government (by a General at odds with the President), and the second one about a mentally-ill President who needed to be removed from office, is particularly interesting. Needless to say, I think these make for entirely timely reading today, despite their 50+ years-age. Many details and technology will have changed of course in the last 50 years, but human nature has NOT changed, and that is a lot of what these novels recount. Fiction sometimes has an uncanny way of presaging life events.

Anyway, if you enjoy novels you might want to give these a look, or perhaps search for the movie version of the first.
Just sayin'....

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