Friday, June 3, 2016

Mathematician Done Good

from Wikipedia

I love this piece about billionaire hedge fund manager/philanthropist/mathematician Jim Simons (h/t to Egan Chernoff for pointing to it)... so many things to like about the article. Read it yourself to see if you don't agree:

One little bit that I enjoyed:
"One of the reasons that Renaissance Technologies has been so successful, is because Simons has taken an unusual approach. When he hires an employee, Wall Street experience is generally looked down upon. Instead, he hires mathematicians, astronomers, physicists, cryptographers, computational linguists, programmers, and scientists."
Jim is a founder of the Simons Foundation, whose work so many of us relish (including bringing us Quanta Magazine), and has devoted much time/money to math/science education.
Just about a year ago, Numberphile did this great (and somewhat rare) 1-hour interview with the then 77-year-old Simons (try to find time for it, if you've never seen it):

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