Saturday, April 9, 2016

Talking Politics...

Off-topic today, for another detour into political La-La Land... because, why not!
I don't usually have much luck with political prognostication, but fairly satisfied with my efforts this year thus far....

I wrote here last June that only 3 people had a real chance at the Republican presidential nomination: Cruz, Rand Paul, and Paul Ryan.  Then, after 3 debates it was clear that R. Paul didn't have the charisma I'd imagined, and I substituted Kasich, as the main alternative to Cruz, since Ryan hadn't announced... the large contingent I'd expected Rand Paul to draw from was instead going to Donald Trump, who I never took seriously, AND STILL DON'T -- between convention rules, the RNC & establishment Republicans, the IRS, CIA, operatives from Russia, China, Europe (seriously), and a 65+% disapproval rating, I've never granted Trump any real chance at the nomination (more likely he'd be indicted for something than nominated)... nor of completing a campaign if he did somehow get nominated (in fact, he can't hardly afford the pay cut of being Presdent!) -- if he did end up running, he'd lose, and finally if somehow he won the popular vote, the Electoral College simply won't select him... that final arbiter of our democracy the Founding Fathers instituted, now suddenly seeming rather useful and insightful! ...And God help us if I'm wrong!!
So, still betting on Cruz, Kasich, or Ryan (who I suspect has been running all along and laughing diabolically at how well his strategy has played out); probably on a 3rd or 4th ballot (though even five wouldn't be a surprise, followed by gunfights in the breezeways). In any event, this has been the most interesting, bizarre primary season of my lifetime... and, I hope I never EVER see another like it.

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