Wednesday, April 13, 2016

John Baez Ruminates

John Baez is one of those fellows virtually incapable of writing a dull post!
A couple of recent challenging ones from him; not easy reads, but interesting:

1)  This one on "surprises in logic" focuses on "a complexity barrier built into the very laws of logic," with some Chaitin, some Gödel, some Kolmogorov, some Kritchman-Raz all rolled in together, before closing out with Joel Hamkins and the "computability of incomputable functions" (also includes lots of good links):
(this is mainly for logicians, but generalists can find bits of interest as well)

2)  and this one, completely different, from his personal blog ("Azimuth") on "Diamonds and Triamonds" which leads to mention of one of his "favorite entities," the E8 lattice, and closes out with 5 puzzles:
(again a challenging read)

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