Monday, April 4, 2016

3 To Launch the Week With

Might as well kickstart the week with a couple of pieces from folks I recognized yesterday at MathTango (NOT that they need any recognition from ME):

1)  Scott Aaronson has a nice essay (and less technical than much of his stuff) over at Aeon on "the great mystery of mathematics":
(this was posted a few days ago, though I believe it's a re-post of an earlier essay)

...And from Keith Devlin this new piece on the history of algebra and the nature of mathematics (in part a response to a certain book and author I shall not mention):

  Finally, not math, but a quite fun 13-min. talk from physicist Sean Carroll on his career and how Stephen Hawking figures into it:
(again, I think this is much older, but I only came across it today)


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