Thursday, March 31, 2016

Public Service Announcement...

Just a public service warning today: TOMORROW IS APRIL 1st... otherwise known as APRIL FOOL'S DAY...

With that said, my recommendation is to NOT take too seriously any blog entries published tomorrow with the following phrases in the subject line:

1)  "the Riemann Hypothesis"
2)  "P vs. NP"
3)  "squaring the circle"
4)  "Goldbach Conjecture" 
5)  "finally solved"
6)   "Elvis Presley"
7)  "jet contrails"
8)  "A Nigerian Prince"
9)  "Your lottery winnings"
10)  "Donald Trump"

Otherwise, have a good weekend. I have to get back to writing out an exception I've discovered to the Collatz Conjecture; perhaps I can get it done and posted by tomorrow morning....

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