Tuesday, March 1, 2016


So many cool mathy things crossing my screen lately I don't want to wait 'til Friday to pass some of them along, so a mini-potpourri today:

  With Andrew Hacker back in the NY Times and a new book out continuing his crusade for math education reform, Keith Devlin responds (in a very interesting, nuanced way) at the Huffington Post: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-keith-devlin/andrew-hacker-and-the-cas_b_9339554.html

He ultimately concludes:
"I give his [Hacker's] essays an A for observation, C for background knowledge, and an F for drawing the wrong conclusions.
No, make that a D/F for his conclusions. His arguments did yield correct conclusions, he just did not realize they did, and claimed the opposite."

And Devlin's long-form review of Hacker's book at "Devlin's Angle" HERE.

2)  Speaking of books, the fascinating story of a state lottery beaten at its own game (from Adam Kucharski's new book, "The Perfect Bet"):

3)  A longish report from Tim Gowers on the launch of the new online journal "Discrete Analysis":

And finally this lovely official trailer from the new life of Ramanujan film:

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