Friday, March 11, 2016

Prepare To Submit... our Google Masters (perhaps):

I've never played "Go" in my life, but that hasn't stopped me from finding the current Man vs. Machine story of a human grand champion vs. Google's AlphaGo program fascinating... fascinating specifically, of course, because Google's AI program has already won the first 2 matches (as of this moment), of a game far more complex than chess, and needs only win one more to take the best-of-5 series (it could all be over later today -- ADDENDUM: AlphaGo won the 3rd match to take the series); much to the shock of the loser, 18-time world champion, grandmaster Lee Sedol (not to mention 1000s observing the matchup).

First, driverless cars, now a world champion level Go player; how much longer can it be before a Google computer proves the Riemann Hypothesis? ;-)

Anyway, read up on the remarkable milestone matchup to date:  (Slate)

And more basic information about AlphaGo here:

For those unfamiliar with this ancient game, a 15-min. YouTube tutorial on the basics:

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