Friday, January 22, 2016

On the Verge of Primaries

No math, just political-ramble today... what-the-hey... realized it was over 7 months ago (time flies when you're having fun) that I posted a political entry here predicting that the only Republicans running (I think ~17 at the time!) with a shot at the nomination, were Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (and Paul Ryan if he entered the race).
Within a couple weeks, Rand Paul's performance in two debates persuaded me that his chances were much lower, and that the main other possibility to Cruz would be Kasich, squeaking through if the right-wingers all ate each other up during the primaries (and they are doing a lot of chomping).

Now, over 7 months later and on the verge of the first tests, not all that much has changed, EXCEPT that I now doubt any Republican can go to the convention with enough delegates... and after multiple ballots, suspect Party powers-that-be may turn to someone not currently even in-the-running as the standard-bearer (who I won't predict).
It's all a car-wreck waiting to happen. POW!, BAAAM!, WHAM!, ZAP!, CRASH!!! And the Republican National Committee, which can (and if necessary, will) de-rail Trump whenever they wish, look powerless to stop it. Or, so it seems to me. Let the games commence.
(Who that Republican standard-bearer will face in the general, I don't know, though I suspect Hillary.)

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