Monday, January 18, 2016

MacArthur Fellows...

It's a holiday in U.S. today so no math, just a miscellany posting... and total shot-in-the-dark (since I have no clout)!

Awhile back I hinted that I thought Scott Aaronson should be the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, and will simply re-assert that thought again today!... in the event that anyone out there who does have clout in the whole process is listening.

While at it, I'll throw out four other names for MacArthur consideration:

Lior Pachter
Ken Ono
Vi Hart
Emanuel Derman (probably past his prime for a MacArthur, but still....)

But Scott I think ought be a shoe-in!!

Some information on the MacArthur Fellowship selection is here:

...and more general FAQ here:

p.s... I don't personally know, nor have any relationship with any of these individuals (just admire some of their work from afar).

That is all... carry on.

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