Friday, April 24, 2015

More Bookish Notes

Recently finished Jim Henle's brief, quirky, new book, "The Proof and the Pudding"... HIGHLY recommend it if math playfulness is your thang (will likely have a review of it up soon, perhaps Sunday or Monday at MathTango).
Meanwhile on Twitter, Steve Strogatz calls attention to an upcoming Eugenia Cheng book, "How To Bake Pi," which coincidentally appears to take a bit of the same approach as the Henle book:

May as well also mention that prolific Alfred Posamentier has a new one on the way, "Problem-Solving Strategies in Mathematics: From Common Approaches to Exemplary Strategies":
and, if that sounds too dry for you, David Spiegelhalter has the antidote with "Sex By Numbers: What Statistics Can Tell Us About Sexual Behaviour":

Lastly, will just note again that the re-issue (by Liberalis Press) of Matthew Watkins' wonderful trilogy on prime numbers is just a couple of weeks away (although as a British volume I'm not sure it will have very good American distribution, other than online):

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