Wednesday, April 1, 2015

"Everybody Loves Riemann" (new from BBC)

In conjunction with their long-running Horizon science broadcasts, the wonderful folks at the BBC begin a new 3-part series this evening, on the life and work of seminal German mathematician Bernhard Riemann, entitled, "Everybody Loves Riemann."  The first hour (Part One), narrated by Ray Romano, is a biographical profile of Riemann's brief 39-year lifetime, focusing on early mathematical work and achievements. Thursday evening's Part Two will be devoted entirely to the 150+ year-old, still-unproven Riemann Hypothesis for which he is most famous. And Part Three, we are told, will culminate on Friday with a special, and highly-anticipated, 1-hour live presentation of some sort from eminent British mathematician Sir Andrew Wiles.
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Anonymous said...

According to the BBC description, Terrence Tao is going to make an earth-shattering announcement in episode 3!