Monday, April 20, 2015

Loving... Mathematics

For today, just a bit of humor lifted verbatim from Jim Henle's short, delightful, new volume, "The Proof and the Pudding," a fun book which, rather to my surprise, I'm loving (...a review sometime in the future --- now up HERE at MathTango):
"A mathematician was trying to decide: Should I get married? Or should I take a lover? The mathematician consulted a lawyer.
'By all means take a lover. The legal complications of marriage are immense. You're much better off with a simpler affair.'
The mathematician then consulted a doctor.
'By all means get married. Marriage is much healthier. Married people live longer. Don't distress yourself with the uncertainties of affairs.'
Finally, the mathematician consulted another mathematician.
'Do both. Your spouse will think you're with your lover, your lover will think you're with your spouse, and you can do mathematics.'"

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