Saturday, March 29, 2014

Make It An Ed Frenkel Weekend

Ed Frenkel

NOT Ed Frenkel
'Some truths are out there...'  -- Edward Frenkel

The hottest ticket in mathematics these days surely must be Ed Frenkel!

Yesterday I offered plenty of mathy links for the weekend over at MathTango (including a podcast with Ed)… but when you're done with those, carve aside another hour+ for the below video of Dr. Frenkel giving a public presentation (for about 20 minutes) at the LA Public Library before Chris Carter of X-Files fame joins him on stage (and later they take questions from the audience) -- I absolutely LOVE this whole talk which covers a lot of ground, but nothing too technical! (my favorite video yet involving Dr. Frenkel). If you don't find it inspiring, well, you may need to go have your pulse checked ;-)

Edward Frenkel and Chris Carter: Love, Mathematics and The X-Files from ALOUDla on Vimeo.

[p.s. -- as I watched this I suddenly couldn't help but think how much Dr. Frenkel resembles David Duchovny! ;-) -- above pics, Frenkel from his Google+ page and Duchovny from Wikipedia]

Secondly, in a 15 minute NPR "Snap Judgment" segment Frenkel describes his incredible, inspiring math upbringing in the then Soviet Union (even if you've read or heard of his Russian background before, again, I recommend listening to this wonderful narrative):

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