Sunday, March 9, 2014

For All Knights and Knaves!

Fabulous book news!:

Jason Rosenhouse has edited a new anthology devoted to Raymond Smullyan, "Four Lives: a celebration of Raymond Smullyan":

This is the sort of book I will heartily recommend, sight unseen (although I'll now be looking for it!).

I think my first of several posts involving Smullyan was this one from the first few months of the blog:

Besides his math and logic books I also very much enjoyed his book on Taoism entitled "The Tao Is Silent." If you can find it, and are into Eastern religion/philosophy, I recommend it.

(....For any who don't know, the "knights and knaves" of the post-title is a reference to a common set of Smullyan logic puzzles involving an island of knights and knaves, or truthtellers and liars.)

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