Thursday, March 27, 2014

Freethinker Dyson...

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Fascinating article and interview with mathematician/thinker/puzzlemeister/physicist (and "rebel") Freeman Dyson over at Quanta Magazine:

Somehow I never realized that he DOESN'T have a PhD. and at 90-years-old sounds as feisty, insightful, brilliant as ever! I'd quote some lines from the article but it's SO good (especially the interview portion) it's impossible to pick, so go enjoy the whole thing (also includes a 5-minute video).

A couple years back I did a short post on "Dyson numbers" which included a famous anecdote about Freeman here:

I think some evening I'd like to have Dyson and Raymond Smullyan (94 years-old) over for pizza (maybe throw in 76-yr.-old whippersnapper John Horton Conway, as well) and see if, bouncing ideas off one another, they couldn't prove the Riemann Hypothesis before David Letterman comes on ;-)

[side-note: tomorrow I should have some weekly potpourri picks posted at MathTango.]

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