Friday, August 16, 2013


Haven't had time of late to write anything up, but will pass along a number of miscellaneous links (in no particular order) I've been tweeting in the last week that may be of interest if you've missed them:

1) A little math history synopsis from LiveScience:

2) "Matroid Theory" and Rota's Conjecture:

3) Ingrid Wickelgren at Scientific American promotes John Mighton's "JUMP math" program:

4) A quick look at 'category theory' from AMS blogs with links for more info (also links back to this post at "Mathematics Rising" on the interweaving of math and physics: ):

5) A letter from the reclusive genius Alexander Grothendieck:

(by the way, I recently read Amir Aczel's "The Artist and the Mathematician," which is focused on "Nicolas Bourbaki," and while I only thought the volume was so-so overall, I did especially enjoy the sections at beginning and toward end on Grothendieck.)

6) Another nice little post on infinity here:

7) A post from the always-good Richard Elwes on the "Perko Pair" and knot theory:

8) And last but not least... rigorous, a discussion from Patrick Honner and Grant Wiggins on "rigor" in mathematics:

Hope everyone will find at least one thing of interest from the above for their weekend time and perusal....

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