Friday, August 30, 2013

Nom Nom Nom...

In a couple of months "Math Munch" ("It's About Sharing Math") celebrates its 2-year anniversary (Hooray!). The internet is chock-full of math pages these days, including a large selection of sites geared toward primary/secondary students -- sometimes I think the 'Net will eventually have a glut of such math material, but for now it's still more like a very big smorgasbord. There aren't that many sites though that receive as much positive acclaim, and so quickly grow a following as Math Munch has done in its short two years. They also have a Facebook page here:

Each week the Math Munch proprietors (Justin Lanier, Paul Salomon, and Anna Weitman, all New York-based) post "three great finds from around the mathematical internet." They look for "accessible, enticing" material that will give young people a fun, creative experience, and show kids that "math is a big tent and there's room for them."

It's sites like Math Munch that make me wish I grew up in today's world instead of 50+ years ago :-( They further note that Math Munch is a "jumping off point, not just a destination." And while the site is geared toward kids, hey, I've always believed that all math-lovers are essentially eternal kids-at-heart!

I do have one quibble with the site -- I've never liked the color scheme (with a background that one of my old college buddies would've called 'puke green' on 'dog-doo brown')… but, oh well (probably appealing to the young crowd).

If by any chance you're unfamiliar with Math Munch (or even if you are, but haven't seen the below clip) watch this 17-min. TED Talk intro to what they are all about -- last time I checked it only had ~1700 views and deserves a lot more:

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