Friday, June 21, 2013

The Name's Devlin, Keith Devlin

My blogging, or at least my attention, has been hijacked by Keith Devlin again for a bit...

First, he's written an appropriately longish response, taking to task the authors of a NY Times piece ("The Faulty Logic of the Math Wars") about math education; definitely worth a read if you're in math education yourself (LOTS of morsels to chew on):

On a side-note, Seb Schmoller has written a lengthy review of Keith's own MOOC course now that it is completed (Seb also wrote an interim review at about the half-way point):

I imagine Dr. Devlin will have his own further summary of how the 2nd-go of his MOOC course went, from his perspective, on his own MOOC blog soon, and will no doubt take into account the feedback from people like Seb.

AND, over at MathTango I now have up another interview with Keith… unlike any interview I've ever done in the Math-Frolic series (let's just say he has some things on his mind):

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